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DbForge SQL Complete

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SSMS and Visual Studio add-in for increasing efficiency when creating SQL statements

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updated on June 24, 2021


Rich set of useful features
Comes also in a free version
Can be integrated into SSMS as well as Visual Studio


DbForge SQL Complete
Price: $199.95
Want to increase your efficiency when creating SQL statements? With dbForge SQL Complete add-in for SSMS and Visual studio, you can greatly streamline your SQL development. Add-in can be integrated into SSMS 2012 and later, and Visual Studio 2012 and later.

Tools main advantage lies in its ability to provide autocomplete functionality when writing SQL statements. Besides that, it also supports formatting of the SQL code, and to make the code more readable, you can make use of its refactoring functionality as well.

Its functionality doesn't end with that. In addition to the three functionalities mentioned above, the tool also includes snippets functionality, warnings when executing SQL statements, ability to assign color to each opened tab of the host software, and many more.

It is made as an upgrade or replacement to a default Intellisense functionality provided by the Microsoft, and can be downloaded in two versions, a paid Standard version and a free Express version. You should note that a free version lacks a considerable amount of features, compared to the paid version.

When installing the add-in, a new menu called SQL Complete is created within the host software. Here you can access SQL Formatter Wizard to automatically format a set of files or directories. Here you can also manage snippets, edit procedure templates, view statement execution history, and similar.

In conclusion, dbForge SQL Complete is a tool for SQL developers and other programmers, to help them with creating SQL queries faster and easier. It supports SSMS and Visual Studio, and comes also in free version which is limited to only basic features.
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Minimum requirements

• SSMS or Visual Studio installed

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• 30-day trial

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